driven by our relationships


The cornerstone of our business and professional success is our relationship with our customers and partners. We value our customers greatly, and we know that they value our honesty and transparency. Uday & Kishori Sheth are personally involved from start to finish, ensuring that customers are happy, every step of the way. We are confident in the services that we provide and our customers bear testimony to our relationship with them.

"At Total Environment, we prefer to use natural materials, because of which, handmade connects very well with our ethos. Speaking of handmade, Ceramique are one of the best curators of tiles, stones and mosaics in the city. So much thought goes into their curation that somethings can be found only in Ceramique - like the best collection of handmade, tiles and basins, sourced from across the world. In my opinion everything that’s worth exploring is in Ceramique. The fact that the founders have all their heart in this and are so capable of understanding my brief to identifying my requirement is what’s made this relationship 20 years strong.”

Shibanee Sagar

Architect, Total Environment

“15 to 20 years ago my business partner Farah had her bathroom designed with tiles from Ceramique. This was when she was a child. Today, Farah and I have our own Design Studio. Ceramique are more than partners to us, they are friends and well wishers of FADD Studio. The founders' constant commitment towards deep aesthetic research makes Ceramique our go to store when it comes to wall / floor coverings. They offer a balanced mix of traditional and modern with a unique creative touch.”

Dhaval Shellugar

Interior Designer, Founding Partner, FADD Studio

"As a supplier of handmade tiles that are manufactured in and imported from UK, I provide ceramic tiles that range from Victorian, Art Deco styles to mosaics. Ceramique with their niche, rustic aesthetic sensibilities speak my language. I love how well curated the boutique is. Over the last 25 years, the personal attention from the founders, their infectious passion for what they do has turned them from business acquaintances to family friends."

Jigna Mody Cholera

Founder Meta Tiles Pvt Ltd | Vendor, Ceramique

"Our relationship with Ceramique is one that spans over 12 years. As manufacturers and traders of premium ceramic tiles from across the world, our products are extremely well represented at Ceramique. The founders are very creative individuals, with immense knowledge of their products and the industry. They have our best interest in mind along with that of the customers and therefore are able to offer our products to the right kind of architects and customers. Ceramique is unlike any other typical showroom - be it with their style of presenting tile concepts differently, or with their wide curation of differentiated products and the relationships they maintain."

Abhay Dubey

Country Head - Sales, BR Ceramics | Vendor, Ceramique

"It won’t be an exaggeration for me to say that Mr. Uday Sheth, is probably responsible for teaching the business of tile trading to every trader, this side of town. He is a business leader in terms of bringing traditional artisans to customers. Over the last 10 years, there’s a lot I have learnt from him - especially in terms of his attention to detail, personalised care for each client, his valuable suggestions, to both vendors and customers alike and his aesthetic prowess. His energy and passion resonate in the boutique he has created - to be showcasing in Ceramique is a matter of pride for my brand."

Subrata Sen

Director Sales, Global Ceramics Pvt Ltd | Leading vendor, Ceramique

"My decor sensibility is best defined as rustic Victorian. I have scouted in a lot of places before I found Ceramique and couldn’t find anything that suited my taste. The kind of stuff you find on Pinterest - great variety, curation that suits individuals with a more refined sense of decor style - in Bangalore at least, if not across the country, can be found only in Ceramique. What makes the experience even better are the founders, both extremely creative individuals with care and concern for their customers, are extremely knowledgeable about their products and possess great design aesthetic. They show ample interest in making your house look exquisite and I greatly appreciate the lengths they go to, to understand their customers’ needs and to achieve the best results for them.”

Adv. Sowrabha V. Besur

Client & friend